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Dębniałki Kaliskie

Zakład Przetwórstwa Rolniczego (ZPR) is a company founded by Grzegorz Werbliński and Magdalena Grzesiak in 2004. We manufacture food for pets (dogs and cats) in sterilized metal packaging, foil covers (bars) and sachets.

In 2014, along with an increase in sales and a large demand for our products, we launched a second production plant in Gołuchów - PHU WERBLIŃSKI. In the same year, the G-MART transport company was established, specializing in international transport. In 2014, ZPR became a limited partnership and began expanding production halls, expanding the machine park and increasing production to 300 tonnes per day.

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Currently, about 250 people work in our two plants. These are mainly young people who treat their work in a very responsible manner and reliably perform their duties. Most of the plant workers have education in the food industry, which in means that our quality and hygiene standards meet the standards used in food production.

The plants have BRC and HACCP certificates, and the highest quality and safety of products are guaranteed by constant supervision of the Veterinary Inspection.

A large part of our products is exported to European markets (Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Cyprus, Greece, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia) and Asian (Kuwait, Israel, Lebanon).

Location of the plants and their storage facilities ensure delivery within 48 hours. Modern vehicle fleet and experienced drivers deliver safely and on time.

The company's policy is maintaining high quality, care about customer satisfaction and pets health. We place special emphasis on providing safe, repeatable and tested products to the market.